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Tarot : Beginner's Guide to the Ageless Wisdom for Self-Improvement and Master the Art of Tarot Card Reading, Including the Meanings of the Ancient Cards and Divination - Zelene Harrison

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Life is an adventure...

Do you ever feel as if you're walking down a dark street with no signs to guide you?

Do you want to know what the mysterious Tarot cards are?

That are extraordinary Counselors, very precious and powerful, who open the doors to a dimension of timeless Wisdom for you and give you the answers to life's questions.

If you're curious about:

Is it simple to read Tarot cards?

Can I read them on my own?

Can I start working as a card reader right away?

If so, this Tarot guide is for you!

This is the first easy-to-understand book covering EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW to incorporate Tarot as a daily practice, develop your intuition, and answer your most frequently asked questions about love, career, and personal development.

Only this book explains:

  • The enigmatic history of the Tarot and some intriguing facts
  • How to prepare for a reading
  • The insider trick for memorizing the meanings of each card (as well as their reversed meanings) using the ancient art of memory
  • The foolproof method for mastering tarot spreads
  • How to Use Tarot to Make Better Decisions
  • The A-B-C formula for dealing with negative cards

And Much More!

What are you waiting for?...


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