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The Buddha Tarot - Robert M. Place

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The ancient philosophers and alchemists taught that the highest wisdom is to see the patterns that are timeless. This is what happened to Siddhartha as he sat under the Bodhi Tree—he saw the pattern of all his incarnations like a great wheel and became the Buddha, “the Enlightened One.” Now the archetypal similarities between his journey to enlightenment and the story told by the Major Arcana are brought to light in The Buddha Tarot. By viewing the Tarot as a mandala, with the four suits representing the four cardinal directions and the trumps as the sacred center, you can use this deck to change your consciousness and progress toward individuation. With this deck you will understand how the practice of divination itself prods us toward the realization that all is one as you begin to communicate with the unconscious and bring its wisdom into consciousness.


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