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The Night School: Lessons in Moonlight, Magic, and the Mysteries of Being Human - Maia Toll

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Delve into the mysteries of the Night -- from divination and astrology to ancient philosophy and self-exploration -- in The Night School, a magical course of study for modern witches, seekers, and mystics, from award-winning author Maia Toll.

Welcome to the Night School, Firefly. Here you'll explore the farthest reaches of the universe, and the deepest parts of yourself. You'll learn to cast off the constraints of the day, and open your eyes, your heart, and your mind to the enchanted mystery of the Night. You'll travel the world in search of inspiring sites, timeless wisdom, and essential magic. And you'll do so under the bewitching guidance of the Night Mistress, your guide in the curriculum of all that lies beneath the starry sky.

For anyone interested in spirituality, folklore, mysticism, witchcraft, healing, and self-exploration,
The Night School is a highly creative journey into the magic of the night. Organized as an enchanted course of study, with semesters and subjects for exploration -- ranging from Midnight Foundations (Philosophy 101) to Divining the Night (Divination 101) to Harnessing the Celestial Tides (Energetic Engineering 101) -- this illuminating manual offers short nightly lessons complete with reflections, exercises, homework, and even extra credit to help readers connect with the power of the night and explore the deeper mysteries of being human. In an era when our daytime hours are increasingly uncertain and people are turning inward to reevaluate what really matters, The Night School encourages us to slow down and contemplate our dreams, relationship to the natural world, and the ancient traditions of mystical thinking -- all by the light of the moon.


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