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Positive Astrology Cards - Krystal Savoy

by AGM
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Enhancing Your Life Through Astrology in Positive Ways

About the Deck
The Positive Astrology Cards unlock the ancient wisdom of the stars. For beginners or experienced astrologers, the detailed guidebook and gorgeous 73-card deck assists you in understanding your personality and knowing how to best utilize the qualities of the zodiac's daily and monthly cycles for abundance and success. Learn to give readings with a positive approach to enrich the lives of yourself and others.


  • 12 Zodiac Sun Signs
  • 12 Zodiac Moon Sizes
  • 12 Zodiac Ascendant Signs
  • 10 Planets
  • 12 House System
  • 10 Further Astrology
  • 5 Guide Cards
  • 1 Guidebook

An Excerpt From the Guidebook
'This deck of 73 cards is intended to assist you in recognizing the positive aspects of yourself through astrology, and to encourage you to make changes in your life that are uplifting and inspiring for you. I believe that when we focus on generating positive energy, the results are continually positive. Our lives really can change by shifting our thoughts and attitudes in affirmative ways.

While I have chosen not to dwell on the "negative" areas of astrology, this does not mean you should ignore the parts of yourself you may want to improve. It is important to acknowledge that your personality has a wide range of characteristics, and all sides may be explored for the purpose of self-growth.

I found through my own personal experience that by concentrating on key points in astrology that are positive, the circumstances in my life shifted more quickly and many doors of opportunity opened abundantly. Much more joy flooded into my life!

This understanding of astrology from an optimistic view greatly improved my life, and I now want to share this approach with others through the Positive Astrology Cards. If you would like to enhance your life through astrology in positive ways, this deck of cards is for you!'

About the Author
Krystal Savoy is an intuitive astrologer, graphic designer, writer and entrepreneur. Krystal was intrigued with the stars, planets and art even as a child. She graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 2003. Krystal has her Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Scorpio and Ascendant in Cancer. With this combination, she is highly intuitive, spiritual and creative, and is focused with great determination in doing what she believes in. She is compassionate and caring in her desire to assist others in learning about themselves.

Krystal's life was enriched through astrology, which has led to her passion about encouraging others in learning to use the positive aspects of astrology to enhance their own lives. She lives in the Pacific Northwest.

Pack Information: 73 cards with a small 75 page booklet.

Size of Cards: 85 x 122 mm

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