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Psychology for Tarot Readers: Passionate Fire of Wands Paperback - Henadzi Bialiauski

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Psychology and Tarot are closely linked fields. In both, we’re likely to encounter clients struggling with life crises, problems in relationships and career failures. But professional psychological literature can often be challenging for the tarologist to approach, containing an overwhelming amount of theories, terminology and paradigms.

Psychology for Tarot Readers aims to make psychological theory accessible to esotericists by presenting these ideas through the lens of Tarot. Psychology is a rich and diverse field, and through understanding it, tarologists can improve their understanding of their clients, and of the cards.

This first book in the series focuses on the suit of Wands—the suit of fire, passion, creativity and inspiration. It explores the personality types that can be embodied by this suit and the ideas from psychotherapy that will help you understand them, while looking at related issues in esotericism and the Tarot community.

Accessible, engaging and thought-provoking, the Psychology for Tarot Readers series will make you see Tarot in a way you may have never considered before.

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