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Tarot and Hand Reading Classes - Rubi Astrólogas

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Everything is in the palm of the hands, in them hides your past, present and future. The ancient art of interpreting the symbols of the hands is known as Palmistry and has been present in our civilization since ancient times. Palmistry has been essential in several cultures and has defined the destiny of many. The hands have symbolized strength and power and are a miniature representation of man's destiny. All lines in the palm of the s hand have meaning, truth about the past, present and future. The shape and markings of a hand reveal a person's character and tendencies. Fingerprints are exclusive and are a method of personal identification. The signs and lines engraved on the hand are unique, you will never find two lines of life, nor two identical genes. Our hands are different from those of our fellow human beings, and this means that our destiny is carved into the palms of our hands and will always be different from that of any other human being.

The Tarot is an ancient practice, a path by which we begin understanding towards oneself, towards our sacred interior. The Tarot is an oracle, a means, by which, in some way, and through its drawings and colors, we stimulate our psychic sphere, the deepest part that goes beyond the rational.

When we move the cards, a secret and powerful mechanism is put into operation, to open doors and means that connect us to the Universe. The Tarot is full of secrets, wonderful and powerful symbolisms that go beyond a great pictorial work. The magic, clairvoyance, or however you want to define it in you, will awaken little by little, as you practice and enter the intimate world of each card.

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