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Runes: A Guide To The Magic, Meanings, Spells, Divination & Rituals Of Runes - Sofia Visconti

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Runes might sound like something strange that you only find in the World of Warcraft or Harry Potter, But...

Runes are, in fact, real artifacts - stones with runic inscriptions. They have both factual and mythological roots. From German tribes to Vikings and Odin to New Agers, runes have played a powerful part in history.

If you are curious about runes, their meanings, and how they can enhance your intuition, keep reading.

Runes help us discover that the real power comes from inside ourselves when we find the wisdom and power within each symbol and internalize them.

In this book, we unravel the mystery of runes and examine significant facts and history that provide us with a better understanding of how they can enhance your intuition, connect with the sources of energy, healing & love.

The book goes in-depth with the different backgrounds of runes and how to read runes, meanings, magic & misconceptions, spell casting, and how to use it as a divination tool, as well as how to master your Psychic Ability.

Indeed, this book is a perfect balance of relevant information and interesting facts. It includes an overview of all the great runes as we take theories of each rune and roll them into one book. Interestingly, it has exercises you can do to learn the runes that are fun.

More specifically, in this book, you'll be guided on:

  • History, origin and early runic inscriptions

  • How a 1,200-year-old tomb, discovered in Denmark, is shedding light on the mysterious birth and development of the Viking alphabet.

  • Dispelling myths around attracting bad omens

  • The 24 different runes that you can use to discover your future and how you can change it

  • Rituals & Exercises to connect to your higher self and deal with the challenges of life

  • Facts about the Blank Rune and whether you should read it

  • Apply the three Runic spread to understand the issues you are facing

  • How the magical god of wisdom Odin discovered the Runes

  • Days of the week for casting Runes and why Sunday is the best day to help you get rid of negativity

  • The 24 different plants that represent the runes and their associated properties for healing & success

  • Why you should learn Runes, even if it's just for fun or because you're curious

  • Spell casting and divining

And much, much more….

If you're ready to start exploring the runes for yourself, just scroll to the top of the page and click "add to cart."

It's time to take a fascinating journey through the magic of the ancient Runes.

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