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Padmini Dhoop Stick suurempi pakkaus (ei sisällä bambutikkua) rasia

by Padmini
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Padmini Dhoop Stick yksi rasia

The spicy, sweet scent of these padmini dhoop sticks will take you to India. The sticks are made entirely of natural ingredients and spread a dreamy, oriental scent. For Indian incense lovers, Padmini dhoop sticks are definitely worth trying! The difference between incense sticks and dhoop sticks is that dhoop sticks do not contain bamboo. The sticks are made entirely of pure fragrance paste.

The differences between dhoop sticks and incense

The main difference between a dhoop stick and an incense stick is the use of bamboo. A dhoop stick does not contain bamboo and consists entirely of fragrance paste. With an incense stick, the fragrance paste is wrapped around a bamboo stick.

Because dhoop sticks consist entirely of fragrance paste, the fragrance is more concentrated. Dhoop sticks produce more odor and smoke. The intense aromas of dhoop sticks are very popular in India for rituals and ceremonies. Padmini dhoop sticks are therefore very suitable if you want to meditate. They will take you to the East and enchant your senses!

Padmini Dhoop sticks; fragrance and ingredients

The scent of Padmini dhoop sticks is sweet, spicy and oriental. It is reminiscent of musk, but has more dimensions. The sticks are made entirely from natural materials such as herbs, essential oils, natural powders and a kind of honey. Some people call it "the scent of the traveler." Padmini is full of Indian spices and… a bit of mystery.

Padmini dhoop sticks; tips

Like an incense stick, you put a dhoop stick upright and light it. A good, sturdy incense holder is important for this. Dhoop sticks do not contain a bamboo stick, which burns the whole stick. This releases more heat than is the case with incense sticks.

It is important that you do not throw away the ashes from the dhoop stick until you are sure that they have completely cooled down.

Padmini dhoop sticks are a perfect gift for a true incense enthusiast, or for someone who loves to travel!

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