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Sininen kyaniitti raakapala riipus 3-4cm Brasilia

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CHAKRA: kolmassilmä, kurkkuchakra, kruunuchakra

The topics of blue kyanite are the completion of one's life's task as well as the strengthening of rational, logical thinking - in this way even confusing situations can be dealt with decisively.

Blue Kyanite helps understanding the symbolism of your dreams. Balancing especially the throat and third eye chakra. Requires NO clearing, don’t run this stone under water or cleanse with sage smoke.

The name disthene is derived from the Greek "this sthénos" (two-fold strength, two-fold strength). This describes a completely unusual behaviour of blue disthene: it has - depending on the direction in the crystal - two very different hardnesses (so-called hardness anisotropy).

Blue disthene is also named kyanite or cyanite.

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