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Tetsubin valurautainen teepannu musta 0,6l

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Japanese style Tetsubin cast iron teapot, fully enamelled internally. Includes micromesh stainless steel filter for loose teas. The Tetsubin teapot handle has a sisal rope heat protection and gives better grip.

Tetsubin cast iron teapots are traditionally favoured for their elegant design, heartiness and ability to retain heat for long periods of time. Heat is evenly distributed throughout the cast iron teapot warmer to better extract the flavour of the tea. This also ensures that it stays hot for longer.

Tetsubin teapots can improve the water quality, make the water softer and sweeter, which can also help your tea to attain a distinctive, exquisite flavour. The fully enamelled lining helps preserve the original taste of the tea and allows for easy care. Rest assured that it is safe and healthy without any chemical additives or lead.

Product specifications
Cast iron tea pot, black colour
Exquisite tea flavour
Content: 0.6 litre
Sisal rope handle
No chemical additives or lead

How to use
The Tetsubin teapot is not stove-top proof.
Use the apposite cast iron teapot warmer (product no. 64535) to keep the tea hot even longer.
Or use the intended cast iron teapot plate (product no. 64536) to protect the surface beneath.
Hold the lid while pouring the tea. Else, use a tea pot lid holder to keep the lid in place while pouring the tea (product no. 64540).
Do not leave the scorching tea warmer unattended.
Do not leave the hot tea warmer with an empty pot.

How to clean your Tetsubin?
Simply rinse your teapot after use with water and dry the pot with a cloth.
Do not use abrasive cleaning agents or aggressive detergents.
Do not place in dishwasher.

Japanese tea ceremony
Japanese and Chinese have used cast iron teapots for centuries to brew their finest teas & add artistic elegance to their household. A tea ceremony is a moment of serenity and relaxation during our busy daily life. We advise you to complete your tea ceremony with the Japanese style Tetsubin cast iron 4 teacups set, teapot warmer, protection plate and lid holder.

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