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The Changeling of Seasons : The Fool's Tarot, Volume 2: Extensions and Interactions- a Starting Point of Practice - Gerald-Johan Vanoise

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The second book of my trilogy is called “The Changeling of Seasons”, and is considered ‘the Book of Formation(s)’. It further develops the abstract patterns of the Tarot decks (of book 1) in comparison to the Elements and puts them into perspective to even larger contexts, with the year’s cycle at its core. It describes the logic behind different interpretations of colours. It describes the dependency to seasonal changes. It describes the abstract patterns of astrological signs. It puts the personal experience into the perspective of phases of evolutions as seen from a group perspective and it slowly introduced already some examples of the meaning of Words of importance. The book slowly gets you into a creational experience via comparison and context. The focus of the second book reveals its associations via the context of revelation and divination. The book accidentally has very fitting, exactly 365 pages, just like the days of the year.

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