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The Magical Tarot - Samantha Lucy Guillaume

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The Magical Tarot invites the reader to match the cards with the work of spells and magic spellcasting. It is the result of the passion and continuous study of the writer, who was lucky enough to have grown up in an open and esoteric home. It is a collection of insights into the Tarot and its magical properties.Aimed at a wide audience, it is literally an open book, welcoming everyone into its pages of wisdom, insight, and guidance, with a few laughs along the way. The words are accompanied by a full deck of 78 cards, beautifully illustrated by the extraordinarily talented Annie Meyburgh. Together, they create a perfect magical combination that will hopefully inspire and captivate any reader.

Samantha Guillaume for almost 30 years has read the Tarot Cards for her friends, family and her returning clients. She loves the magical world created when the Tarot and Wicca are combined. She uses the Tarot as a guiding tool as well as for magical work. She believes that the Universe has a plan for us all- the art of life is to find that path and try to live it fully. She has been blessed to have lived in the United Kingdom and South Africa, both have their diverse energies with which to work. She has met many teachers through her years in working with the Tarot, all of which have helped and guided her to this point. They are all students of these oracles and learn something new each and every day. Her hope is that this guide can bring Magic and Tarot into the lives of beginners as well as seasoned readers.


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