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Tibetan Holy Basil (Tulsi) suitsuketikku

by Tibetan
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As the devine representative of Lord Krishna, Basil is not merely a plant. It is know as the "King of Plants". Kept on the doorstep of your house, basil keeps the the atmosphere clean and mosquitos out. It makes you feel relaxed and well concentrated at the same time. Also, it is known for its uplifting effect on a depressed mood.
Product specifications
100% natural ingredients. (*)
Safe for inhalation & environment.
Pack contains 30 sticks and one incense holder.
One stick burns for approximately 45 minutes.
Handmade in Nepal.

* This product is made from natural ingredients (herbs, plants, etc). Each batch is prepared according to the same recipe. Due to natural differences per harvest, the odour / colour of the end product can vary.

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