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Which crystal suits your zodiac sign?

This is the most common question in the shop when a customer is looking for a crystal. The answer may not be as simple as you might think!

Astrology is a universal tool that helps you know yourself better. From an astrological point of view, the chart of the sky at birth, known as the star chart or birth chart, is the chart of the soul. But astrology is much more than that. The art of astrology is to combine the different parts of the birth chart into a unified whole. A birth chart is a moment frozen in time. This is a picture of the sky as seen from Earth at a specific time and place in relation to the ecliptic - the sun's path across the sky. The path is divided into twelve segments - zodiac signs.

The sun moves along the ecliptic (the sun's path) at about the same time each year, with a possible deviation of about a day. This phenomenon is the basis of the zodiac system. The planets move against the background of the horoscope constellations and create an individual birth chart.

Usually and often, when searching for crystals based on a horoscope sign, only the position of the sun on the chart is taken into account. However, we have to remember that we have the whole spectrum of the zodiac on our map and the aspects and positions of the planets play a very significant role when we talk about personality and as a person as a whole. Because of this, you should not interpret the position of the sun too strictly and choose a crystal accordingly, but you can also take other things into account.

Let's take my own chart as an example, at the time of my birth the sun happened to be in the region of the Taurus constellation, that is, I am a Taurus and I have a lot of typical Taurus character in me - I am a child of nature, I love and value comfort, good food, beauty, genuine feelings, honesty, etc. But I have always had problems with grounding and I couldn't understand why. Taurus represents the element of earth and should be good for grounding, but I also have so much air element in me that it causes a lot of conflict with the energy of the bull. This was confirmed when I researched the Mayankansa zodiac system Tzolkin and it revealed that according to it I am the Blue Storm. Well, that's already close to the truth. I also studied Vedic astrology, where the position of the moon at the time of birth is considered important rather than the sun. According to that, my moon is in Gemini, an air sign. That is, even though our sun is located in a certain sign and element, we have planets in other signs and there may be a lot of other elements influencing the map than what the sun sign implies.

Based on this information, which crystals are right for me? In this case, the options are really wide depending on what is most important in my life at the moment.

The help of crystals can be used, for example, to balance the primary elements. My star chart showed that I only have 4.2% fire element and 41.7% air element. So I have to increase the fire and decrease the Air. Heliotrope, Red Jasper, Garnet, Carnelian, Sunstone - all of them promote the Fire element, bring a lot of energy and also help with grounding, but they are not typical bull crystals. Crystals that help reduce the element of air include Azurite, Aquamarine, Lazurite, Green Calcite, Green Fluorite, Blue Topaz, Sodalite, Black Moonstone - these are not really recommended for Taurus either.

I could also consider planets in strong aspect and retrograde in my chart. Let's take Saturn as an example, which in my own chart is retreating. In Sanskrit, Saturn's name is Shani and means "slow". Thanks to him, we can overcome life's difficulties, but Saturn also limits and brings harsh lessons. Saturn promotes our karma, if we are in a good relationship with time, then our karma is at a good level. If we don't care about time, neither our own nor someone else's time, we don't value it, then difficulties and dissatisfaction will arise in our lives.

Crystals that can help balance the effects of Saturn include:

Agate and Black Onyx - bring a lot of energy and endurance in a difficult phase of life

Argillite - heals the inner saboteur

Aquamarine - helps remove judgmental thoughts.

Epidote - curbs the inner critic.

Based on your sun sign, you can of course choose a power stone that is unique to each horoscope sign. The power stone brings out the unique qualities of the horoscope sign better, but it won't help if other planets and aspects create challenges in your life. I encourage you to choose crystals based on the whole star chart, and not just based on your sun sign. In this case, you will get much more benefit and support in life, in addition to getting to know yourself better. Another option is to choose a crystal for a specific task, for example to get rid of the chains of the past, find love, heal the pain of the soul, improve the financial situation, start something new, support studies, improve health, get more energy and whatever. If a crystal calls to you, it's worth getting to know it, the properties of the crystal might be exactly what you need in your life at that very moment! Trust your own intuition!

You can create your own birth chart at e.g. or and for that you need your birthday and the exact time and place of birth. For the interpretation of the map, you should turn to a professional if astrology is a foreign area. Good basic information is to know the sun, moon and rising sign, as well as in which sign mars, mercury and venus are located on your chart. This information will get you far

- Louise

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