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Sold out?! Read this before getting upset...

We are sometimes asked why we leave sold-out products visible to "torment" people. At Tarotpuoti, we see it differently --> We have the widest selection of decks in Finland, made possible by good circulation of products. We order new decks and restocks almost weekly, and they arrive on the shelves at the same pace. As a result, even the most popular decks may be "sold out" for short periods of time. We are constantly improving our website, and our next challenge is to find a nice way to communicate more specific information about the availability of a product, such as the expected restock date, perhaps adding it to the product page.

On our website, you can use a feature to request a reminder when a product is back in stock. When the product is available again, you will receive a reminder by email.

ISO, OOP, FOMO—tarot enthusiasts are full of quirky abbreviations. These are most related to the stock question.

ISO stands for "in search of" for collectors. We are constantly searching for lovely cards that our customers desire from all around the world. An ISO deck can be rare and out of print or an easily available deck that nobody else sells, for example, in Finland. We may have had such decks for sale, and that's why we think it's a good idea to still allow orders for these products that are currently out of stock in our inventory. Most of them can be easily ordered again!

There are thousands and thousands of tarot decks (and oracle and angel cards) in the world. We can never have all of them in our selection, but it's still an intriguing challenge for us. We would like to offer a wide range of new releases and fascinating old classics. That's why a product may remain sold out for a longer period without restocking. That's why we encourage you to use the reminder button, if there's something you really want, or send us an email or another message. This way, we know what decks you want, and we can order them.

FOMO stands for Fear of Missing Out, the fear of missing out on a desired deck.... This threat is always present when it comes to limited edition items, some of which have very small print runs. Even if my supplier has a hundred decks in stock today, they may be sold out worldwide in a month. So don't assume that everything can be replenished ;)

If it's on our shelves now, it can really run out completely....



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