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Caribbean Calcite Ball (40mm - 60mm)

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Caribbean Calcite ball (40mm-60mm), type: Caribbean Calcite

Discover the mesmerizing Caribbean Calcite ball that takes you straight to tropical waters with its unique colors - aqua green, pastel blue and teal mint. These soothing tones are accentuated by sand-colored and white veins, which bring out the natural diversity and beauty of the stone. This ball is carefully polished on each side, providing a smooth and comfortable contact surface. However, it is important to note that calcite is a softer stone material by nature, which is why the surface of the ball may naturally have small cracks and depressions. These are not flaws, but rather features that bring out the unique character of calcite and add to its charm. Measuring 40mm-60mm and weighing 120g-270g, this rare stone originates from Pakistan, a region known for its mineral wealth.

Metaphysical Properties of Caribbean Calcite:

Caribbean Calcite is known for its calming energy and ability to promote spiritual growth. It is said to help the user find inner peace and harmony, as well as support communication and creative expression. This stone is especially useful in meditation, helping to deepen relaxation and promote mental clarity.

The energetic meaning of the ball in crystals:

Crystal balls, like this Caribbean Calcite ball, are excellent energy centerers and purifiers. The perfect shape of the sphere promotes a balanced flow of energy in the environment, creating a calm and harmonious space in your home or workplace. The presence of Caribbean Calcite in ball form can help amplify its metaphysical effects, bringing calming and creative energy into the space.

Type: Caribbean Calcite Colors: Aqua green, pastel blue and teal mint with sand and white veins. Transparency: Opaque - Translucent Mohs Hardness: 3 Polishing: Polished on all sides Shape: Sphere Approx Dimensions: 40mm - 60mm/1.5" - 2.3" Approx Weight: 120g - 270g Origin: Pakistan


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