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Joyseeker Tarot Deck - Danielle Trudeau (Indie, import)

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The Joyseeker Tarot

The Beauty of Nature

Each card was hand-painted & inked by yours truly, with a focus on the magic and beauty of the natural world. Packed with symbolism and positivity, this deck will serve to remind us that there is magic in our daily life, we just have to allow it to shine.

The Story

Danielle Trudeau created the Joyseeker Tarot to allow myself to explore the beauty of the world all while accepting and making room for the darkness that makes its home in our lives. It was my answer to finding light in the darkness after massive loss and grief ruled my life.

The Joyseeker Tarot world isn't about ignoring the dark, sticky parts of life. In fact it is quite the opposite.

Instead it encourages us to embrace and accept that darkness & pain, forgive it and allow it to make the beauty & brightness shine that much more radiantly.

Every Joyseeker Tarot deck comes with:

  • 78 cards on silky 312 GSM matte stock

  • Reversible Backs

  • Custom Two-Piece Rigid Box

  • Guide booklet (8 pages, fits in box)


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