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Orange calcite ball - (55mm - 65mm)

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This fascinating orange calcite ball brings a glow of warm energy and life force into your home. Each ball is carefully polished on all sides, revealing the stone's beautiful orange hue, which may contain subtle white streaks. Its size is 50mm-60mm and its weight ranges from 400g-900g, making it a great addition to any space or collection. All stones are sourced from Pakistan, which is known as a source of high quality crystals.

Metaphysical properties of Orange Calcite:

Orange calcite is a powerful energy purifier and booster. It is believed to promote positivity and cheerfulness, dispelling feelings of depression and increasing the zest for life. It helps to release old patterns and fears, encouraging the adoption of new opportunities and experiences. Orange calcite also supports creativity and sexual energy, balancing emotions and promoting physical vitality.

The energetic meaning of the ball in crystals:

The shape of the crystal balls allows energy to flow and radiate in all directions evenly. The orange calcite ball concentrates and strengthens these energies, creating a warm and enlivening energy field around itself. It is ideal for meditation and spiritual practice, helping its users to feel grounded and at the same time open to new possibilities.

Natural Orange Calcite Crystal Ball. Expect some slight variations in color, clarity, size and shape as each stone has its own unique variations. Please note that all crystals are natural, so sometimes small imperfections may appear.

Type: Orange Calcite Colors: Orange, sometimes with white streaks Transparency: Translucent Mohs hardness: 3 Polishing: Polished on all sides Shape: Ball Approximate dimensions: 55mm - 65mm/2.5" - 3.3" Approximate weight: 400g - 900g Origin: Pakistan


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