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Purpurite raw piece n3-4cm - Namibia

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Purpurite is an important promoter of creativity in Gemstone Therapy; the mineral sharpens perception and attention, thus having an inspiring effect.

Attention - the stones stain easily!

Purpurite's purple color and metaphysical properties are often associated with the Third Eye chakra, the center of intuition and spiritual vision. It is believed to help open and balance this chakra, thus promoting intuitive thinking and creative inspiration. In addition, purpurite can help clarify thoughts and feelings, offering support in self-expression and spiritual growth.

From the zodiac sign, purpurite resonates especially with Pisces. Pisces are known for their deep intuition and artistic nature, and the energies of purpurite can support and strengthen these traits. The stone is believed to have the power to help Pisces utilize their creativity and intuition even more effectively.

The metaphysical properties and chakra and horoscope connections of this product are based on user experience and observations of gemstone therapists and are not scientifically proven. All the healing effects shown are intended to supplement, not replace, the treatment given by a qualified therapist or doctor. If there is uncertainty about your health, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Crystal shapes and their energetic meanings are an essential part of using crystals in both spiritual and healing work. Different forms can channel, focus and radiate energy in different ways. Here is an overview of the most common crystal forms and their energetic meanings:


  • Energetic Significance: Ground crystals are considered balancing and harmonizing. Grinding can release the internal energy of the crystal, making it softer and more approachable for the user. They are ideal for personal use, meditation and energy healing.


  • Energetic meaning: Raw crystals represent the purest and most original form of crystal. They are believed to provide a powerful and raw energy that can be effective for deep spiritual work and grounding.

round (ball)

  • Energetic meaning: Crystal balls symbolize wholeness and harmony. Their round shape allows energy to be radiated in all directions evenly, which makes them excellent for cleaning space and as meditation aids. Feminine energy.


  • Energetic Significance: Cubic crystals are often used to strengthen the foundation and ground energy. Their geometric shape symbolizes stability and order, which can help bring order and clarity to the wearer's life. Masculine energy


  • Energetic meaning: Crystal wands are used for energy treatments, especially to focus and direct energy to specific points in the body or energy field. They are effective in removing blockages and balancing the chakras. Masculine energy.


  • Energetic meaning: Tower or column shaped crystals focus and direct energy upwards and outwards. They are ideal for meditation and setting intention, helping the wearer to connect to higher energy levels.


  • Energetic Significance: Heart shaped crystals promote the energy of love, compassion and healing. They are particularly effective when working with the heart chakra, helping to open and balance the emotional life.


  • Energetic Significance: Pyramid shaped crystals focus and radiate energy through their apex. They can help clarify thoughts, strengthen intentions and protect space. Pyramids are powerful tools in meditation and energy work, promoting spiritual growth and protection.

Crystal skull

  • Energetic Significance: Crystal skulls symbolize profound wisdom and mysteries. They are valuable tools for meditation and spiritual work, believed to contain ancient knowledge and connect the wearer to higher levels of consciousness and ancestors. Crystal skulls promote intuition, mental clarity and are gateways to the spirit world, enabling connection with spirit guides. They act as energy concentrators and radiating forces that support spiritual growth and provide protection on spiritual journeys.

Crystal egg

  • Energetic meaning: The crystal egg is a unique shape that symbolizes rebirth, new beginnings and the release of potential. Its shape promotes a soft and gentle energy, making it an ideal tool for promoting inner balance and harmony. Crystal eggs are often used to strengthen feminine energy. They are also believed to help users connect with maternal earth energy and promote fertility and creativity

Note: Because we use natural stones, each sculpture is unique and no two pieces are exactly alike. The pictures are always indicative.

Although we talk about the spiritual properties of stones, we offer these for inspiration and reference only. We make no claims that the stones can change your life. These features are not intended to replace professional diagnoses.

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