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The "Lord of the Rings" Oracle - Terry Donaldson (Preloved, used, vintage 1998, op)

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The best of two worlds - divination and Shakespeare - are brought together in this illustrated Tarot deck. "The Shakespeare Oracle" capitalizes on the great bard's Prophetic wisdom, as well as the archetypes that populate his work (for example, Puck as Magician, Romeo and Juliet as Lovers). With instructions and custom-made readings, the accompanying book offers food for thought for Shakespeare lovers. The cards and book together should make a useful divination system.

  • This Oracle consists of three parts: the Ring, the map and the cards. Each section may be used independently, or in conjunction with each other. The Great Ring can be used as a pendulum, for specific yes or no questions. You can also use the ring to dowse, or cast it on the map: where it lands gives you the answer to your question. The map shows the Realms of Middle Earth; the landscapes represent archetypal scenarios through which each of us passes at some point in our lives. The cards show the characters and scenes from the book. Spread the cards on the map and use the ring as a Pendulum while you ask the Oracle your questions.


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