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The Rooted Woman Oracle - Sharon Blackie

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The Rooted Woman Oracle will help you to renew your connection with nature, reclaim your power, and find Authentic and Meaningful ways of being in this world.

Discover the transformative power of the hidden feminine with this beautiful oracle, and unlock spiritual nourishment, inspiration, and a deeper connection with nature.

Follow the path to Unlimited creativity, greater strength and endurance, and create more flow in your life with this Magical oracle.

Distilling decades of knowledge and wisdom, Sharon has created a unique and magical Oracle that entwines three different threads: Places, Allies, and Journey.

From the inspirational 'Mountain' to the flowing 'River', you'll experience the archetypal qualities of the place and take spiritual strength from the land. You'll feel supported by women from Celtic myth and folklore – your Allies – like initiatory Ceridwen and The Cailleach, Protector of the wild; and you'll find Journey cards that reflect the different stages of the Heroine's Journey and help you follow your unique mythopoetic path through life.


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