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Feathers ultraääni-diffuusori 100ml, höyrystin eteerisille öljyille

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A high-tech qualitative atomiser of essential oils. With built-in LED light in 7 colours, that can be locked on the preferred colour, as well as a switch for constant or intermittent mist diffusion. 

About the Product
Ultrasonic aroma diffuser 100 ml.
Power: 10 W
Output: DC 24V
Working time: 3 to 4 hours
Usage area: 20-40 m2 
7 colour LED cycle
Mist switch for constant or intermittent diffusion.
Water shortage protection

How to use
1. Open the cover
2. Insert the power cable
3. Add water and essential oil
4. Start to use

Regarding the amount of water and oils, here is the variation we recommend:
100ml: 3 to 5 drops
200ml: 6 to 10 drops
300ml: 9 to 12 drops
400ml: 12 to 15 drops
500ml: 15 to 20 drops

The amount will also depend on where you have it in your home, the size of the room you have the diffuser running in, and the oil’s strength. You can add or take away oil as needed. For example, you can use less oil for a smaller or less ventilated room. When diffusing some essential oils that have strong scent profiles, you can use less to prevent the oil scent from overwhelming you.

Place in an open room so the mist can spread freely, and away from equipment that is sensitive to water vapour (eg a TV and other electronic equipment). Keep out of reach of children and pets.


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