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Introducing the Occult - selected introductions, prefaces, forewords and afterwords - Colin Wilson, Colin Stanley

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The late Colin Wilson wrote a staggering 180 introductions, forewords, prefaces and afterwords to other authors' books. Soon after his now classic study The Occult appeared in 1971, he was constantly sought out by writers and publishers to endorse their work. He rarely refused.

And, as this volume reveals, these were not hurriedly written paragraphs, relying largely on his name as an endorsement, but often significant and substantial essays. Introducing the Occult brings together 17 of his best published introductions chosen by his bibliographer Colin Stanley. Within these covers you can read Colin Wilson on magic, witchcraft, exorcism, ghosts, poltergeists, the Loch Ness Monster, the afterlife, dowsing and much more.


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