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Squid Cake Marseille Tarot: 78 Gilded Cards and 184-Page Guidebook - Jessica Rollar

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Tarot doesn’t always have to be so serious; it can be lighthearted while at the same time dishing out the cold hard truth with a side of humor.
Filled with snails, cakes, fly-traps, and octopus, this deck is a modern and colorful twist on the traditional Tarot de Marseille. 
The Squid Cake Marseille is a seventy-eight-card deck in which you’ll discover knights riding creatures, quirky faces, and a delicious color palette! Bring a little lightheartedness to your readings while dishing out the cold hard truth . . . with a side of humor! Regardless of whether The Chariot is being pulled by two snails instead of horses or The Hierophant is giving advice to two pink birds rather than people, the message is still the same.
Engage your creativity and be inspired to think outside the box. Let the images of this deck tell you a story.
This fun, diminutive tarot set comes with a 184-page book that provides all the you need to know about the Marseille Tarot making it easy even for beginners to begin reading the cards straight out of the box.  The cards themselves are printed in full colors and feature pink painted edges.  This deck is sure to delight.


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