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The Dreams Box: Tools for Harnessing the Power of the Subconscious - Dr. Fiona Starr

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Discover why we need to sleep and dream, and how to interpret the meaning of your dreams with this beautifully presented book and deck.

Numerous studies by scientific bodies such as Yale Medicine, the Italian Association of Sleep Medicine, and the University of Cambridge point out that 
more REM sleepincreased anxietydecreased sleep qualityand social isolation have affected how much we dream, how many of our dreams we remember (and how vividly), and the nature of our dreams themselves.

The Dreams Box offers insight and wisdom about dream interpretation from both psychological and world traditions. Enclosed in a handy hardcover case for easy-to-use decoding, understanding, and deciphering the unconscious and dreams, you'll find:

  • 96-page booklet that features a directory of dream symbols and their meanings, plus information on how to interpret your dreams 
  • 36 carry-size dream cards to help you identify and decode your dreams

In times of high stress, the dream world can be drastically altered. The Dream Interpretation Box can help you to better understand your changing dreamscape and the effects it has on your mind, body, and spirit.

The guide and dream cards can help you speak with confidence about your experiences and share them with friends and family in the hopes that they, too, can find some comfort and relief knowing what messages their dreams hold for them. 

Incorporate common mind-body-spirit practices into your daily routine with the 
Mindful Practice Deck series. From dream interpretation to runes casting and crystal healing, learn about the history of each practice as well as how to use each to meet your specific needs. Beautifully presented in a hardcover case, each kit includes a removable paperback reference book and a 36-card deck in a protective box, perfectly sized for quick access on the go.  


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