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Wiccan Moon Magic: Spells and rituals to harness lunar energy for wellbeing and joy - Cerridwen Greenleaf

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Enhance your everyday life through the empowering connection between the moon and the practice of magic through spells, rituals and recipes for greater happiness, health, love, and abundance.

Make room for the moon and the magical enchantments of the lunar lifestyle. Discover the amazing connection to aligning with the phases of the moon and the practical and inspirational ways to influence your daily life. Timing is everything and the proper phase of the moon is essential for spell craft—from the energies of the new moon and sowing the seeds of positive change to the ancient secrets of radiance under the full moon. In 
Wiccan Moon Magic you will learn which moon signs and lunar phases are best for your magical workings, self-care, prosperity, home, work, romance, and much more. Create personal magic with lunar lore, tips, and blessings, including more than 60 spells, rituals, incantations, and recipes. Equally fun and grounded in witchy wisdom and celestial guidance, best-selling author Cerridwen Greenleaf continues to enlighten and inspire our lives.


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