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Yoni egg

Today we will talk about a topic that has attracted a lot of interest on my Instagram page when I told about the use of the Yoni egg. I promised then to write a little more about it and open up my own experiences about it. Unfortunately, I have noticed that there is insufficient information about Yoni eggs and it is easy to get a one-sided picture of the benefits of using Yoni eggs.

What is a Yoni Egg?

In practice, it is a crystal ground into an egg shape. This form has come from the East, from Asian culture, but I'm not sure if this was specifically born there. Today, we see a return to the wisdom and ways of life of our ancestors in many things. In many cultures, the egg is a symbol of life, fertility and health. A yoni egg is intended for women and is used by inserting it in the same way as a tampon. Yoni eggs are not made from just any crystal, but are usually fashioned from nephrite (Jade), rose quartz, sungite, carnelian and red jasper. However, nephrite and rose quartz are used the most. Some eggs have pre-made holes through which you can thread a thread, the thread helps to pull the crystal out when the exercise is finished. However, the wire is not necessary, the Yoni egg will come out even without it, it is mostly so that you can be relaxed about it and not worry for nothing. It would be good to start the exercises by praising the merits of its cleansing effect. Yoni eggs are available in three different sizes: small, medium and large. The medium size is the most common and the best, but you can try a small one to start with. It is often given the impression that the Yoni egg is only a tool that increases a woman's pleasure and strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor. Of course, with the help of the Yoni egg, you can do pelvic floor muscle exercises, which is really good for a woman's health and has a positive effect on her sex life. This is talked about, but this is only a small part of the benefits you can get from using the Yoni Egg. It is good to take into account that not all egg-shaped crystals are intended for this use!

The yoni egg exercise is actually more of an energetic sacral exercise and not a "gym session". Entering the training requires inner peace and trust. When the Yoni egg is inserted, you can do your daily routine tasks with it, go for a run, work, etc. You can keep it inside for up to 5-8 hours and sleeping with it is really good. Immediately after the first uses, the Yoni egg does a deep cleaning, so it should not be used for more than 5 minutes and gradually increase the time, you will notice yourself when you can extend the time. After each use, it is cleaned like other crystals. It does not need to be cleaned with soap or disinfected with any substance, this can damage the crystal. Hold for a while in very hot (not boiling) water, it disinfects gently.

What does the Yoni egg treat and what does it help?

1. Supports muscle control. You will get to know your deep muscles and pelvic floor muscles and learn to feel and control them better. You will also use the same muscles that we use during childbirth, so this exercise can also help when preparing for childbirth. For example, if you have urinary incontinence, the cause may lie in weak pelvic floor muscles, using the Yoni egg can help in this matter as well.

2. You learn to relax the deep muscles and this is one of the most important things. Many ailments, pains and traumas accumulate in these muscles and cause them to tense up too much. An overstretched muscle can cause pain during sex, for example. If the muscle is made to relax, it also releases the trauma that is rooted there. Because of this, some women may cry during orgasm, trauma also leaves a stuck feeling. If you are familiar with TRE (trauma releasing exercises) with the Yoni egg, you can get the same effect. When you learn to relax the deep muscles, you will soon notice that you can also relax better in everyday life.

3. Control of attention. This could change things in your life quite a lot. When using the yoni egg, your attention will be quite often in the abdominal region, in the second energy center (sacral), where our feminine and creative powers lie, this is the place where energy blockages and traumas easily accumulate. You will soon feel how this focus changes how you feel and how others will communicate with you differently. When we strengthen the lower energy centers, our feminine energy changes its quality and becomes stronger. Everyone can see its effect.

4. Yoni eggs support health. Nephrite is a stone of good health, it gives strength, supports and strengthens This is why the exercises are started with a jade egg. At first, it will clean and treat the whole body energetically. Because of this, it should not (in the beginning) be used for long periods of time at a time, and it must also be properly energetically cleaned after use in addition to disinfection (note: not with chemicals, but with hot water). The body cleansing cycle can last up to 2-3 months. After this, you may find that you are able to use Yoni for longer periods at a time. Regular use of the Yoni egg also helps to hear and feel your own body, the connection with the body is strengthened. You understand its communication, you trust yourself and your body better. It removes tension, negative energy and grounds well. It improves feminine energy and also treats masculine energy, brings balance and inner peace.

There are no special obstacles to using the Yoni egg if you are in basic health. In all exceptional situations, you should of course talk to your doctor. After surgery, you have to wait until you heal properly before practicing with the Yoni egg.

Create your own ritual

Using the yoni egg is easy and you can create your own sacred ritual from it. You can act quite intuitively - light candles, burn incense, or use essential oils, you can create a quiet and sacred sacred space for yourself. A short meditation is a good way to connect with the crystal before you put it inside. You can connect your own energy with the energy of the crystal by holding the crystal egg in your hand at the heart chakra. Create an intention, for example supporting health, strengthening sexuality, raising femininity and one's own strength. You decide, but if you give the crystal a task, it will work better for you. The yoni egg is inserted like a tampon. You can rub a couple of drops of olive oil on the crystal, if you want. Warm the crystal in your hand or in warm water before use, it's much more comfortable! Be gentle with yourself, do the whole process with love, this can teach you to be sensitive to your own needs and hear your body's messages. After placing the Yoni inside you, you can try squeezing the crystal with your pelvic floor muscles and relax, repeat this a few times. You can stand up and try walking or, for example, dancing. There are no exact rules here, you let your intuition guide you. As I mentioned before, a few minutes are enough for the first few times. When you feel that "enough is enough" you can push Yoni out. You can pull the Yoni out of the string as well, but soon you will understand that the string is not necessarily needed, in the beginning it can be good to be "safe" so that you don't have to worry about it during the exercise. I strongly recommend that you start each Yoni practice with a small, self-styled ritual, this way you focus and create a relaxing atmosphere that also calms the mind and helps you create a unique connection with yourself and your body.

- Luiza


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