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Angel Therapy, Healing Messages for Every Area of ​​Your Life - Doreen Virtue (OOP)

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Dr. Doreen Virtue's life changed dramatically when Angels miraculously warned her and then intervened during a carjacking. After her angelic encounter, Doreen began asking the Angels for additional guidance. They answered her requests with very clear and loving words. She writes of how the angelic guidance affected her work as a psychotherapist: "I began helping my counseling clients to hear their own angels. Very quickly, I discovered that the Healing power of the Angels exceeds any form of 'man-made' therapy I had ever witnessed. The Angels have wonderful gifts from God to impart to us." In Angel Therapy, Doreen delivers The Angelic Realm's messages of comfort and guidance that can help you with troubling emotions such as depression, boredom, confusion, and anger; and issues associated with careers, relationships, parenting, and much more.


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