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Organic matcha tea premium 50 g CEREMONIAL GRADE - Health Bar

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Matcha is ground green tea in its purest form, but contains more secondary botanicals and antioxidants that are said to support the immune system, fight aging and even cancer, and is therefore even healthier than regular green tea.

The CEREMONIAL QUALITY of our premium quality organic matcha is grown in the Uji region (Japan). The tea leaves of the first harvest are picked by hand, grown without pesticides and plant protection agents and processed without the use of machines. In addition, annual soil samples and laboratory tests are carried out in case of heavy metal and radiation contamination.

More energy, better concentration.

Matcha contains more caffeine than coffee. The big difference: Matcha has a gentle effect. While the caffeine in coffee enters the bloodstream in 30-45 minutes, this process takes 6-8 hours in matcha, preventing adrenaline and insulin spikes.


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