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A Place at the Table : The Human Legacy of Alex Sanders Continues - Jimahl Difiosa

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In this long awaited sequel to All the King's Children - the Human Legacy of Alex Sanders, Jimahl diFiosa brings together 16 new Alexandrian initiates from around the world who share their life stories candidly, holding nothing back. What is it like to be an initiate of one of the most respected branches of traditional witchcraft in the world today? What were the life circumstances that led each of them to this particular path? What challenges did they face on their journey? The tales derive from the UK, Poland, Brazil, Portugal, South Africa and the USA. The stories told will transport readers from the haunted streets of New Orleans, to the ancient cathedrals of Italy, to remote European forests, to "Witch City USA", and back in time to stand with Wendy, one of the first initiates in Alex and Maxine's London coven. The stories told are inspiring. But they are also harrowing. A few of them may be difficult to read. Life is not always easy. Magically minded folks are not exempt from difficulties and challenges. But what makes these interviews so powerful is not that the tellers are Alexandrian initiates or even witches at all, but because each story is unapologetically human and therefore relatable to all. Each tale speaks to the resilience of human spirit, to the spark of hope in each of us that, despite adversity, moves us ever forward into a world of light, love, magic and limitless possibilities - to our place at the table.


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