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A Voice in the Forest: Spirit Conversations with Alex Sanders, King of the Witches - Jimahl Difiosa

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Fully ten years after the death of the founder of Alexandrian Witchcraft, a handful of witches began experimenting with a spirit board. An entity responded and identified itself as Alex Sanders and then proceeded to prove that claim. In the months and years that followed, the witches maintained their connection with the spirit of Alex and strove to follow his directive to document each session and preserve the messages for future generations of the Craft. This revised and expanded account of the experience provides greater detail and more recent documentation of its impact on this small circle of believers as it follows their attempts to fulfill a sacred trust.

Much has been written about Alex Sanders, King of the Witches. But much more is left unsaid about the lives of the men and women who were changed forever through the work of this remarkable man. In this companion piece to his critically acclaimed book, A Voice In the Forest, Spirit Conversations with Alex Sanders, Jimahl di Fiosa interviews 16 initiates of Alexandrian witchcraft from across the globe. They tell their stories openly and hold nothing back. They speak of their brightest and darkest moments, of joy and of loss. Their incredible journeys take the reader from the salty islands of the South Pacific to the temperate rainforests of the Pacific Northwest, from Australia to Poland, from the busy streets of London and Atlanta to the solitude of the English countryside where every year the Green Man still dances through the village streets. But the stories they tell speak about more than geography – they provide unique insight into the lives of the children of a king - the human legacy of Alex Sanders. What is it like to be an initiate of the Alexandrian tradition? How do the descendants of Alex Sanders, one of the world’s most powerful witches, view the Craft today? Where is the Craft headed and what steps is the Priesthood taking to ensure the Craft survives for future generations? These candid interviews uncover the heart of Witchcraft today and present a glimpse of what is to come.


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