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Awakening Your Psychic Ability: A Practical Guide to Develop Your Intuition, Demystify the Spiritual World, and Open Your Psychic Senses - Lisa Campion

  • Lisa Campion

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A go-to guide for understanding and strengthening your psychic abilities.

Have you ever wondered if you are psychic? Have you been told you are deeply intuitive? Do you ever have a sense that something will happen—and then it does? Have you ever had a strong feeling or dream that someone you care about needed your help and it turned out to be true? If so, you may be psychically gifted. Psychic experiences are nothing to be afraid of. In fact, they can greatly enrich your life! So, how can you further deepen your intuition and open your psychic senses?

From Reiki master Lisa Campion—author of The Art of Psychic Reiki and Energy Healing for Empaths—this transformative and practical guide will help you understand, develop, and harness your own psychic ability, so you can live your life with a greater sense of meaning and purpose. You’ll learn how to “turn up the volume” on your abilities when you choose, as well as discover essential strategies for setting boundaries.

Includes powerful guidance to help you:

  • Interpret dreams and omens
  • Connect with ancestors and soulmates
  • Understand who and what “spirit guides” are—and how to work with them
  • Create a map of your psychic “realms,” so you can successfully navigate your abilities
  • Identify which areas of your life need healing
  • Cultivate psychic “self-defense” skills to keep you safe on your journey

Our intuition is constantly guiding us toward our life’s purpose—we just need to know how to listen to this inner voice. Let this profound book guide you as you connect with and strengthen your psychic abilities and experience a deeper, more spiritual life.


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