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Hop Hare Bamboo Nilkkasukat (36-40) - Day and Night

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Are you searching for the perfect pair of socks that combine comfort, sustainability, and style? Look no further than our Hop Hare Bamboo Low Socks. These incredible socks have taken the fashion world by storm, offering a plenty of benefits that make them a must-have addition to your store. Each pair tells a different story. Our socks refer to mysticism, beliefs, traditions and experiences. Here you will meet the Phoenix, the lucky Chinese cat, as well as the moonlight wolfs. Let your customers stand out from the crowd and add some colour to their outfits. At work, while meeting friends, for lazy weekend on the couch - Hop Hare socks fit every occasion.

Made of high quality bamboo yarn that will let the feet breathe.

Made in Turkey. Composition: 70% Bamboo, 28.5% Polyamide, 1.5% Elastane.


Våra utdelningsdagar är måndag, onsdag och fredag. Vi packar även andra dagar och du kan bli positivt överraskad av hur snabbt leveransen går. Vi kommer att försöka meddela dig om det uppstår något problem med din beställning.

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