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Inner Eye Oracle: A 52-Card Playing Deck for the Modern Age - Steven Bright

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Much has been written about reading with playing cards, and many systems have been shared, but these methods have not always been easy to learn or remember. This 52-card deck changes that with a set of fully illustrated cards that show recognizable symbols with keywords that allow the diviner to read them right out of the box. The cards have been designed to provide the reader with a comprehensive oracle system for our modern age. While the illustrations have an antique and mystical feel to them, the subjects covered by the 52 cards are relatable to our daily lives and will stand the test of time. The accompanying guidebook offers thorough working interpretations and shows ways in which the cards can be read in sequence and spreads. Examples are also provided to show how the cards relate to real-life scenarios, making for a deck that is truly accessible, easy to use, and accurate.


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