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Peacemaker's Tarot for the 21st Century - Volume I : Starting the Journey, Revisiting Sacred Ground - Ann Keeler Evans

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This is not your grandmother’s Tarot. Not the tarot of your childhood when you wondered whether you might find fame and fortune. Peacemaker’s Tarot for the 21st Century is steeped in Peace. It invites you to step away from the outmoded archetypes and stylized images of long ago. It is grounded Love and Nonviolence; with it, we can explore becoming better Peacemakers, which our world desperately needs.

“Am I a Peacemaker?” you ask. If you care about your planet and the creatures and people living on it, and you’d like to do something about that, then yes, you are a Peacemaker. Allow yourself to interact with 
Peacemaker's Tarot to ask the hard questions that will lead you ever deeper into your treasured life built with your dreams, your passion, and your gifts.

This is a new way for you to imagine your path forward.


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