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Radiant Crystal Card 2nd Edition - BouchetteDesign

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The Radiant Crystal Cards are a comprehensive 86 card deck that can be used with all forms of divination, as a daily card pull, as an oracle, and alongside all crystal work. The uses are universal, and the cards are not only an artistic expression of the crystals, but they are informational, providing guidance and a broad sense of what energies each crystal holds. As I started working on this project, it was important that these cards have the feel of an artistic oracle deck along with the informative nature of a working crystal deck.  I infused florals into this deck by working with the energies of the crystals and matching them to floral energies.  The connection between the natural beauty of crystals and florals we find in nature is fascinating and compelling. As the Radiant Crystal Cards add that extra spark of insight, I hope they become a deck that brings support, connection, and empowerment to you and your life’s journey.

The Radiant Crystal Cards deck has been illustrated by hand in a digital environment. The cards display a realistic photographic representation of the most universally utilized crystals to support the visionary and dynamic aspects of each crystal.  The splash of colors behind each crystal and stone serve to compliment the crystals color spectrum and energies. The front side of the cards focus on the crystal imagery, the crystal name, and keywords that resonate with the crystal's vibrations. The reverse side of the card holds information on the primary chakra, vibrational number, astrological signs, affirmation, energetic description, and floral energy match.

Radiant Crystal Card 2nd Edition Reimagined!

  • The card size will become the standard tarot deck size of 2.75” x 4.75”. This will allow for great companion work with standard size tarot and oracle decks!

  • All the fonts on the cards will update to be modern and clear for everyone to read.

  • Some of the imagery on the cards will update to better resonate with the new card size and crystals.

  • Two new crystal cards have been added to the deck: Lingam and Optical Calcite!

  • New painted edges, color TBD!

Deck Specifications: 86 card illustrated crystal deck 2.75"x4.75" - 81 crystal cards + 1 cover card + 4 informational cards / 350GSM card stock / Soft-Touch matte lamination. The cards have a beautiful rose petal matte hand feel and robin’s egg blue painted edges!

Box Specifications: The box design for the second edition is brand new! This will be a sturdy two-piece box with a matte finish and spot gloss on all imagery and text.

PLEASE NOTE: The DUMORTIERITE card is not included in the deck. It is listed on the Crystals In The Deck card but unfortunately due to an error, is not included within this edition.


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