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The Book of Dead - Cilla Conway

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This is an Oracle like no other. It takes us over the border into Death and the Afterlife, and offers us the extraordinary sense of light, love and freedom we can experience when nary sense of Light, love and freedom we can experience when we, too, cross over. So many of us dread death, but, as this deck shows, it is not the and the beginning Of course, it will be the end of our physical life but the place in which we’ll find ourselves is pure wonder For some, it will be the place they always intuited, but couldn’t tallow themselves to believe in. For others, it will be a wonderful surprise. And for a few, the people on the Fourth Path’, it will be a highly unpleasant shock.

As an Oracle, the cards offer us, the opportunity to reach through the borderlands between Life and Death. To do so requires a sensitivity and awareness that our lost loved ones may need time and space to find themselves—some may still be quite confused—but we should be sure that sending a loving message through into the Afterlife Realms will always be received and appreciated. And, as we see in the Readings section, the Oracle will also give profound responses to our earthly concerns.




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