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The Multi-Dimensional Devas: The Eleven Dimensions of Creation - Cilla Conway

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The Multi Dimensional Devas, is a 48-card set that takes you on a journey into the simplest of dimensions, a dot in the void, through the increasing complexity of the second to tenth dimensions, into the unimaginable illumination of the Eleventh, which is Cosmic Consciousness. If you have ever wished you could explore the higher dimensions, here’s where you can begin…

Like The Devas of Creation, The Multi-Dimensional Devas explore the different creative energies that underpin our universe. In this deck the focus is on the different dimensions, and the qualities needed now and in the future – such as Trust, Perception, Stillness anc Authenticity. Shadow energies like Hubris and Greed are depicted, while other global issues (for instance climate change and the global pandemic) have become so acute tha it is possible the Devas themselves are finally taking a hand, forcing us to look at real solutions.

Thus in the final cards, we are offered an alternative to our current paradigm and the ways we could renew our humanity and our world – how to heal the earth, move up into the higher dimensions, and be introduced to future generations. We are offered a glimpse into the Possible Human, and finally, move through into a space we might seek out, wonder about, or run from: Through the Veil.


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