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The Teen Witches' Guide to Astrology: Discover the Secret Forces of the Universe... and Unlock your Own Hidden Power! - Xanna Eve Chown

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Discover the secrets of the stars in this invaluable introductory guide to astrology. It's a must-have for every teen who's ready to explore the hidden wisdom of the cosmos... and shine a light on their own life!

Inside you'll find everything that you need to get started with this exciting but ancient discipline. Discover the secrets of zodiac signs, astrological houses, and the power of the planets.

Find out what star lore says about your personality, what the universe has in store for you -- and delight your friends by giving them accurate predictions too.

Discover the mysterious ways that the stars shape everyday life as well as major events ... and take control of your own destiny!

Ideally suited to readers aged 10+


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