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The Teen Witches' Guide to Manifesting : Discover the Secret Forces of the Universe ... and Unlock Your Own Hidden Power! - Claire Philip

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Discover the art of manifesting in this invaluable introductory guide. It's must-have for every teen who's ready to release their inner magic ... and live a charmed life!

Manifestation has the power to make your dreams a reality. By putting out your desires into the world through visualization techniques, affirmations and mindset changes, you will attract the life that you want. This is also known as 'The Law of Attraction'.

This inspiring book contains everything that you need to get started with this exciting branch of magic, with plenty of spells, affirmations and mindfulness techniques to try at home. Learn to be present, set intentions, raise your vibration and find heart-felt success in love, friendships, luck and happiness.

• Write-in exercises to set your goals
• Meditations to process your feelings
• Visualization techniques for boosting self-confidence
• Spells to try at home

Bursting with modern illustrations by Luna Valentine, A Teen Witch's Guide to Manifestation is an empowering and inspiring resource for any teen or tween looking to create a life filled with abundance, happiness, and success.


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