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Wicca History: An Introductory Guide to Wiccan Religion and Witches for Beginners. Learn The Fundamentals, Philosophy, Traditions and Magic of Witchcraft - Lisa Spell

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Do you want to improve your life?

Do you want to start living a magical life?

Do you want to learn the Wicca philosophy and fundamentals to begin doing it?

If so, Wicca History is for you...

What is Wicca?

The word Wicca originates from the Old English and simply means "witch." Older Germanic languages attribute additional meanings such as foretell, speak, and divine (as in divination.)

But what does a witch do? We may have been taught to connect witchcraft with darker things such as evil, Satanism, and manipulation, but only the last word is correct. Witches do manipulate things but only within themselves. Then, we resonate the effects of that change outward into the world. Just like a practitioner of meditation, yoga, or physical exercise, which changes the inner workings of their mind and body through regular practice, so does a witch align themselves with the natural world around them. Such is the nature of Pagan religions, including Wicca.

There are many forms of modern Pagan practice; Wicca is one of them.

The birth of Wicca as a modern religion can be traced back to the writings of a retired British civil servant, Gerald Gardner-in fact; there is an entire branch of Wiccan practice devoted to him called Gardnerian Wicca. He published his definitive book on the subject, Witchcraft Today, back in 1954. Gardner also founded a coven-essentially a prayer/workgroup for witches, numbering anywhere from four to 40 members or more-and several members of his coven went on to publish books on the subject of witchcraft and magical living...

This guide will focus on the following:

● The Origins and History of The Wicca

● Introduction to Witchcraft

● Wicca and Nature

● A Beginner's Toolkit - Magical Tools and Items

● Symbols and Signs

● Witch Way to Go?

● ... AND MORE!

Even if you've never heard of Wicca in your life, reading Wicca History you will know a better way to live your days.

Even if they taught you that Witchcraft is connected with darker things such as evil and Satanism, Wicca History will reveal to you that the truth is different and positive.

If you want to expand your knowledge and let Wicca become the starting point of your evolution, please let me show you how.

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