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Arcanis Animal Tarot: A 78-Card Deck and Guidebook - David Depasquale

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In this animation-inspired, animal-themed 78-card tarot deck, the traditional archetypes are reimagined and embodied as furry, scaled, or feathered characters, each one offering whimsical wisdom and introspective insight.

Each card in this highly stylized and contemporary animal-themed 78-card tarot deck is a character bursting with personality, featuring dragons breathing fire in wands in orange, red cats knocking over the cups, yellow birds soaring through the swords, dogs rolling in fields of green pentacles, and a multicolored menagerie as the major arcana.

These curious creatures are packed with personality like the animals in movies like 
Zootopia or Disney's Robin Hood—animal enough for the dog on the Seven of Pentacles to dig up his riches from the dirt and just human enough to wear robes on court cards, tails poking out.


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