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Notorious B.I.G. Playing Cards - Theory 11

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Straight out of Brooklyn, New York - Notorious B.I.G. Playing Cards are a tribute to one of the greatest rappers of all time. Crafted hand in hand with The Notorious B.I.G. Estate, every aspect of the design was meticulously chosen to reflect the life and legacy of the legendary East Coast MC. Selling over 28 million records in the US alone, Biggie Smalls cemented his status as the king of the East Coast. In the deck you’ll find multiple references to his hometown and callbacks to his roots, as he epitomised the heart and soul of Brooklyn. Discover iconic lyrics and references to Biggie’s discography, ranging from songs such as “Juicy”, “Big Poppa”, “I Got A Story To Tell”, and many more. Every time the cards are held in your hands, you’ll be singing along to tracks that forever shaped the world of hip hop. Notorious B.I.G. Playing Cards are made in the USA - printed on FSC-certified paper derived from sustainable forests, using vegetable-based inks and starch-based laminates. The back design features bright gold foil with iconography true to the style of Biggie. These Notorious B.I.G. playing cards have 56 poker size playing cards made of cardboard including 2 Jokers + 1 theory11 and 1 BK NY playing card.


  • Included: 52 cards + 2 Jokers + 1 theory11 and 1 BK NY playing card.
  • Cards size: 63 x 88 mm (2.5" x 3.5"). Weight of the deck: 99 g (approx).
  • Main color: red,
  • Cardstock Cards
  • New, sealed. Made in USA.
  • 100% authentic, original Bicycle® product.
  • Suitable for: poker, card tricks, flourishes.


Theory11 is the largest producer of luxury, designer playing cards. The company started in 2007 with a team of 11 artist united with one purpose in playing card design: to push the envelope and create the most breathtaking, innovative, elegant designs.


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