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Tarot de Marseille - Jean Dodal (Preloved/Käytetty)

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Siistikuntoinen pakka

The Jean Dodal Tarot was produced in Lyon, France in 1701. 

This is the complete 78 card tarot deck and includes an information card and promotional card. The deck is in French and the extra cards are in English.

Additional Information

  • Standard tarot card size of 2.75″ x 4.75″

  • Printed on premium 310gsm card stock

  • Long lasting, linen finish for ease of shuffling and spreading

  • Sturdy, elegant tuck box with the card back design printed around the outside

  • Printed in the USA

Historical Information

An interesting mystery in the history of this deck are the two different spellings of Jean Dodal's name.  On the 2 of Cups, "Jean Dodal" is written in large text. However, on the 2 of Coins is "Faict a Lyon par Jean Dodali". This shows that the deck was produced in Lyon, France by "Jean Dodali".  

Historians believe that Jean Dodal may have changed his name to a more Italian sounding version in an effort to facilitate export. This theory is supported by the phrase "F.P. Le Trange" (fait pour l'etranger - made for export) which appears on the four Knights, the Page of Batons, Force, and The World.


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