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Tarot of the Ages vtg 1988 - Mario Garizio (preloved, OOP)

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Keräily harvinaisuus on tämäkin 1988 USGS pakka. Kortit ja opaslehdykkä erinomaisessa kunnossa. Kotelossakaan ei juuri ajan tuomaa patinaa. 

The box is in excellent condition. Otherwise, very little wear. -The instruction booklet is in great condition. Please see below for more information on the vintage 1988 TAROT OF THE AGES tarot deck!

Tarot of the Ages Description

The Tarot of the Ages is a multicultural deck that draws on Egyptian culture for the major arcana, and Aztec, Hindu, African and Viking cultures in the minor arcana. The lifelike card artwork is lovely, but somewhat limited by the substantial white borders

This tarot was created to celebrate Atlantis the "Mother of Civilization." The artwork is by Mario Garizio and the booklet of instructions is by Patrizia D'Agostino.The major Arcana cards depict Ancient Egypt, said to be the society which most clearly reflects the Atlantian heritage. The minor Arcana show 4 other societies/civilizations of the ancient world. They are as follows rods, African tribal society; cups, Mayan, Inca and Aztec culture; swords, Vikings; and coins, India. The paintings are very detailed and realistic. The figures on each card seem to live in their own plains of reality. However, there is a great deal of nudity and some of the images in the suit of swords are a bit violent.


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