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The Golden Future: What to Expect and How to Reach the Fifth Dimension - Diana Cooper

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Find inspirational guidance, hope and an uplifting vision of better times to come in this transformational path to the fifth-dimensional golden future. We all know how turbulent life has been recently. How long will the world carry on like this? Will things ever improve? Bestselling teacher, author and card deck creator Diana Cooper believes a better future is on its way.

In this uplifting spiritual guide, she describes how an entirely new age - the golden future - is being birthed. Current times are challenging but we are moving towards a new fifth-dimensional Golden Age that will be a time of peace and happiness, when the world as we know it will have changed beyond recognition for the better. Diana Cooper tells the history from the fall of Atlantis to the current period and the time frame to 2032.

This vital spiritual guide is split into four enlightening parts, covering: - The journey to the golden future of Earth - The Transformation - life in the new Golden Age - Preparing for the Fifth Dimension - Higher Ascension tools to propel you into the golden future As Diana shares the journey to the new Golden Age, she explains the reason why there are eight billion people on the planet and the cosmic happenings in 2032 that will change the world. Amidst the turmoil of modern-day life, allow The Golden Future to inspire and guide you along this collective transformational journey towards a better future.


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