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The Literary Tarot - KS backer set - Brink Literacy Project (Indie, import, Kickstarter)

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Kickstarter backer set includes

- Deck 
- Big Guidebook
- Tarot cloth
- Post cards


Brink Literacy Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to changing the world through storytelling. To create our latest endeavor, The Literary Tarot, we reached out to some of the greatest authors and cartoonists of our time and asked them to pair a tarot card with a seminal book that embodies the meaning of the arcana. 

Working with a diverse and talented art team, we’ve tapped into the magic of these stories to bring a whole new kind of tarot deck to life... 

Pairing each tarot card with literary characters who embody the meaning of the arcana, we brought this library of secrets to life. The deck will feature the complete set of all 78 tarot cards, illustrated with a stunning, limited palette and gold-foil accents.


Like any story, the meaning unfolds as its characters interact—with each other, with the whims of fate, with obstacles in their paths. The meaning behind your tarot reading unravels like these plots; the story of our past, present, and future unfolding as each new card is drawn, chapter by chapter, revealing the course of our lives.

Like any great story, the meaning behind your tarot reading unfolds like an intricately written plot, chapter by chapter, card by card. Although the big narrator in the sky helps these stories along, no hero would turn down a trusty map to illuminate their way...

Thus, each deck will come with a lovely mini guidebook. In its pages, you’ll find the meaning of each tarot card, written through the lens of its literary pairing by the amazing wordsmith who took up its mantle! 

To be clear, this mini guidebook has the meaning of the card but does not show the behind-the-scenes look at how the authors honed in on this particular card or classic. Otherwise, it wouldn't fit in your book box!


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